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D & S Farms is a multi-generational sweetpotato operation in Atwater, California. David Souza, top right, is joined by son David (left), business partner Michael Duarte (bottom left), and Michael’s son-in-law, Brian Carter (right). D & S Farms employs about 100 throughout Merced County, farms 860 acres of sweetpotatoes (60 organic), and packs and ships through their own company, Atwater Packing. 

The Duarte and Souza families have been growing California sweetpotatoes for over 100 years. A commitment to excellence and innovation ensures consistent production of the highest-quality sweetpotatoes imaginable. David enjoys the specialized, hands-on approach required of sweetpotato farming and takes pride in growing such healthy food.

He and wife Cindy have one grandson, and will celebrate 43 years of marriage in 2017. In his spare time you might find David camping under the stars, knocking down bowling pins, or riding his Harley.