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Robert Chad and Rodolfo Rosas of Kishi Brothers Farms remind us that California sweetpotatoes give the gift of flavor, nutrition, and versatility year ‘round.

Based in Livingston, California, Kishi Brothers has been in business since the early 1950s. It was started by two brothers, Fred and Sherman, who took over their father’s small acreage after the war. They began growing sweetpotatoes in the early 1960s. Today, Kishi Brothers grows 150 acres of sweetpotatoes and 200 acres of almonds.

“As the only agriculturally minded son-in law, I was invited to join the operation in 1984,” says Robert. Rodolfo Rosas—who Robert affectionately calls “mi mano derecho”—started about the same time. “I joke that Rodolfo does the work and I sign the checks.”

“My favorite part about the business is listening to the workers laughing and joking in the predawn hours as they get ready for a long day’s work on the harvester.”

Robert and his wife Patti have two grown children. His favorite way to enjoy the farm’s Murasaki sweetpotatoes—a purple-skinned Japanese variety—is steamed, sliced, and then fried tempura-style.

Delightfully sweet, like Robert himself.