Meet Bob Weimer, who with his brother Walt, is a 2nd generation California Sweetpotato farmer. “I’ve been on the farm since I was born,” says Bob, “and have been farming pretty much all of my adult life.” Besides sweetpotatoes—both standard and organic—the brothers grow peaches, almonds, and walnuts, too, employing 30 to 100 people at any given time during the year. He’s also a school board member and on the board of directors of both the community health center and a growers’ cooperative. “There’s a lot of positive things going on here, a lot of diversity,” Bob says of Merced County. “There’s relationship within the community because it’s not so big, it brings a lot of different people together.” The best way to enjoy sweetpotatoes? “Bake them, cut them open, and add some good butter. Simple.” And sweeet!