LIVINGSTON, Calif. (August 20, 2014) –The California Sweetpotato Council is partnering with the City of Livingston to host the 3rd Annual California Sweetpotato Festival on September 19-21, 2014 at the Max Foster Sports Complex in Livingston, CA. Building on the rising interest and demand for California Sweetpotatoes, the Festival plans to create a lot of buzz this year with the addition of several new food vendors showcasing their unique local recipes and creative talents.
“Our goal is create a local tradition that someday you can find on the map alongside the Gilroy Garlic Festival.” said Jason Tucker, VP of the California Sweetpotato Council, “It starts with great food and top tier entertainment.” One of the highlights this year is a special performance by Caleche Ryder, a pop country recording artist out of Los Angeles, CA. She sang on the Miss America stage in 2008 as Miss Nevada and was recently nominated for "Country Artist of the Year" and for "Country Single of the Year" for the 2014 LA Music Awards.

“Sweetpotato” as one word is not only grammatically correct; it’s a handy way to remind you that a Sweetpotato is not simply a “sweet potato.” In fact, it’s not a potato at all, but a different vegetable entirely, blessed with a totally different nutrient set. While both hail from the same botanical order, they come from different families. Low in carbs, high in vitamins and minerals, the California Sweetpotato is a designated superfood. With almost twice as much fiber as a white potato, a California Sweetpotato’s calories are burned more slowly and efficiently than a low-fiber carbohydrate. On a per-acre basis, California Sweetpotatoes are the most nutrient-dense of any commercially grown food.

A sponsored culinary tent will host chefs giving demonstrations throughout the event on the best ways to prepare sweetpotateos and highlighting some unique recipes. The food vendors this year will be asked to make one special sweetpotato dish to offer along with their main menus. Guests will be able to sample some fun treats such as Sweetpotato Ice Cream and Cupcakes. The now famous Sweetpotato Fries will be a sure hit and available throughout the event. The planning committee is still taking applications for food vendors at the City of Livingston main office. The cut of date is September 5th.

Another unique attraction this year will be the “Growers Ally.” A special area where several farmers from the region will have their antique equipment on display along with modern sweetpotato equipment and new tractors. “Some guys will want to spend all day looking at the different kinds of tractors and equipment” said Tucker, “It will be a tough choice for the kids too; check out the cool tractors or ride the carnival rides.” Carnival rides will be put on by Paul Maurer Shows, with advanced tickets available for purchase through the City of Livingston. The City is expecting a greater number of rides and games compared to last year. The Livingston FFA will set up a special “kids zone” and host Sweetpotato contests throughout the weekend. 
The City of Livingston is centrally located and the Max Foster Sports complex is well suited for a festival located just off Hammett exit on Highway 99. California is the 3rd largest sweetpotato grower in the US with approximately 18, 000 acres behind North Carolina and Mississippi respectively. 

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